Careerclues.co has been created under the guidance and direction of Surendra Hemant Education & Social Welfare Society and Society for Career Concepts which is a registered NGO under the Society's Registration Act of 1860 whose main mission and objectives include welfare of students by guiding and recommending the students to secure admission to their preferred institution and courses assisting them to build their respective career.      


The motive of the portal and its mobile app is to avail unlimited services to the students without charging anything from them as all the features ranging from blogs, articles, news, online tests as well as process of applying for admission available will be free of charge to the students who register with Career Clues.

Free of cost services to the Students which includes access to blogs, online tests, Securing admission to Colleges and Coaching Institutions

The motive of the portal and its mobile app is to avail unlimited services to the students without charging anything from them as all the features ranging from blogs, articles, news and updates, online tests, etc. who register with Career Clues.

Promoting Coaching Institutions and allowing them to reach to existing as well as new students

The motive of the portal is to allow coaching centres to connect to the existing as well as the new students via the portal and its mobile app. To an extent it is easier to search out for a college to take admission and it is relatively more hard, gruelling and demanding to look after a coherent coaching institution which helps a student to prepare for various competitive exams as well as conduct extra remedial classes for any subject as the coaching institutions have a limited reach and also lack a wide platform to reach out to the aspirants.

Removal of Intermediaries in the process of admission

The motive of the portal and its mobile app is to recommend and guide the students to connect to the institutions of their preference without any interference by the intermediaries such as money driven consultants whose money making driven and deceptive advices act as a detrimental factor in the career building process of a student.

Allowing students to secure admission to Colleges, Coachings and other associated Institutions

The students can check the details of the institutions as per their preferred courses and apply for admissions via Career Clues.


Primarily the portal aims to guide the students about technicality of the institutions with respect to the affiliation and recognition of the institution and upon doing so the portal further allows the student to know about the admission procedure of their preferred institution and gradually allowing them to apply for admission to the preferred institution if found eligible to do so as per the norms of the institution via portal itself.

The episode behind the emergence of Career Clues

The existence of careerclues.co has a story behind it and We are pretty sure that maximum students moving out of their native town would easily relate to it as leaving one's own native is in itself a discommode moment in one's life but nothing could be of more priority than one's own career . It is easier to find out a college as compared to finding out a coaching's or home centres which are recognized by respective councils. As we are aware that the coaching's have small infrastructure and is an unorganized sector and less promoted as well, therefore our portal will connect the coaching institutes with the admitted existing students and inform the students about the availability of coaching institutes around them.

SO THIS IS HOW OUR JOURNEY BEGINS ..... Going back to 2006, the misery of Adam began in pursuit of admission into B.B.A. LLB course for pursuing a career as a lawyer at a renowned university in the Delhi NCR, since Adam who did his schooling from Patna had a little idea about the institutions and the place, engaged an education consultant for the purpose of attaining and securing his admission in the university. The consultant upon charging a hefty sum assured about the admission of Adam to his parents into that particular institution. One day out of curiosity Adam visited the campus of the institution in order to check the admission status but was left dumbfounded upon learning that the institution was not approved to impart BBA LLB course by the Bar Council of India and was further informed that registration of Adam was secured in the BBA course by the consultant, to his utter anguish Adam approached the consultant who refused to refund the money but instead asked Adam to take admission at a nearby institution, the solution which was accepted by Adam as there was no other option left to save his academic year to pursue the career option he wished to excel at.

So finally Adam took admission to the second option given to him by the consultant , but this was not the end of trauma for Adam; the college when visited by Adam later informed that the approval for the desired course i.e. BBA LLB was not attained by the institution and the consultant was caught to be fully unaware of the courses being currently recognized and imparted by the institution and thereby Adam had to compromise with his choice and pursue BA LLB as offered by the second institution as the final resort!!!!

This incident has been the primal driving force behind the happening of careerclues.co as it is purely dedicated to all the students who wish to pursue education at pioneer institutions but have been at the receiving ends of the money driven college consultants and their amateur advices which most often leads to the nemesis of many such students in the country.

How we Do @ Career Clues

The portal directly connects the students to the institution who share their own authentic information by updating new, posts, info, etc on the portal directly enabling the students to make choices of their preferred stream as well as allows the students to secure admission while fulfilling the admission eligibility criteria of the colleges.
It is important for the students and their parents to check whether the college attained all the approvals and accreditations by the respective councils and bodies under the law of the country.
Careerclues.co also allows students to go through articles and blogs which will help them face the various difficulties and phases of a student's life.
Portal also allows students to take test and analyze the preparations for the respective exams.


In the later stages of development of the portal Career Clues will provide opportunities job placements allowing the employer to find out the suitable employee directly with the help of the portal. This will lead to the eradication of bad and ill advices of money driven consultants by allowing the colleges and students to access each other.

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