10 Success Stories Of People Who Pursued Their Hobby As Their Career
  17/01/2017 Tuesday
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Underestimating hobbies is never a good idea!

Here’s why.


Michael Parayno has been a tinkerer lifelong. He had begun building off-wall birdhouses to get rid of wood from decommissioned garden fences. Neighbors had soon noticed, and he started selling handmade birdhouses off his yard. This happened a decade ago. Today, the same Berkeley birdhouse man owns an epic business selling his hand-crafted birdhouses.


In 2001, Kim Lavine had started manufacturing microwavable pillows as gifts for the kids’ teachers, assembling these at the kitchen table in Grand Haven, Mich, using corn kernel filling. During the same period, her husband had lost his job and this pushed her to consider turning this pastime into a proper source of income. Within two years Lavine’s Wuvit pillow made it to the national chain, and generated over $1 million sales.


Self taught hobbies like photography and love for acting and the urge to take up a career with such hobbies could prove to be lucrative.


Brandon Stanton
 On losing a job, Brandon Stanton In 2010, started photographing people on the streets of New York and posted them on Facebook. Self-taught, Brandon's photos went viral   on Facebook. His facebook page Humans of New York has more than 12 million Facebook likes and has launched a photography, philanthropic, speaking and media career for him.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most successful American actresses, a producer, and a businesswoman. Despite of the fact that her father had a television career, Aniston had been discouraged from watching TV. She discovered acting when she was eleven at Waldorf School and enrolled at Manhattan's Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts and eventually made the hobby of acting, her career.


Nobody ever said a hobby like blogging or horse racing could make one successful, it actually can.


Jasmine Banks, the single mom had begun journaling since she was a child. She began blogging in high school. Years later, her hobby led to pursue her present career as the chief marketing officer for Moxy Ox, an agency in Northwest Arkansas.


Terry Finley bought a horse, Sunbelt in 1991 for $5,000, he felt stuck in the job of selling life insurances. Finley was keen on betting horses over years, but never made an investment. After Sunbelt won the first race in the same year, Finley started running ads in racing papers that attracted an investo. In the next months, he continued buying horses. After he had quit the job and founded West Point Thoroughbreds. West Point Thoroughbreds today owns 55 syndicated horses with over 550 investors. Revenue has increased from $2 million to $6.5 million annually over the past few years.


How designing or traditional hobbies like sewing can let the career take a u-turn and leap up the career success ladder.


Craig Jenkins-Sutton tried out his hand in designing gardens he had no landscaping training but green thumbs up. Growing up in a farm located in Minnesota, he had an undying love for gardening. Back in 2003, he published an ad in Chicago Tribune, offering garden design services. In one week he received about 40 calls out of which only one eventually turned into his first customer. In the same year he founded a garden design company: Topiarius, Chicago.


Megan Duckett had been chasing big dreams for pursuing a job in the entertainment industry. She had initially taken up the job with an event planner and in free time would resume sewing at the kitchen table, making drapes, bedding and costumes. By 1996, Duckett had been earning more money by sewing. She obviously quit and rented an 800-square-foot warehouse and hired three seamstresses. This generated $80,000 revenue in the very first year.


Having a hobby of petting animals may give the mundane career an exciting boost.


Alex Andon, a biotechnology worker has developed means of keeping jellyfishes alive when captivated. Evidently, there is a market for some pet jellyfishes: A restaurant was in line for the tank. With several clients under the belt, Andon has been developing this hobby into business by selling jellyfish tanks (desktop) for an affordable price of $249.

Animal lovers have ample opportunities for transforming the hobbies and love into business.


Linda Callaway found niche market for owners who lost pets. Her four coonhounds can track lost pets. And thus Callaway has discovered her knack and resources for turning her dogs' noses to a small business.




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