10 Things You Definitely Lose When You Join College
  03/10/2018 Wednesday
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1.You get remote from your school buddies.

Most of your friends join different colleges in different cities and these lead to losing the bond of friendship.


2.You miss the special food made by your mother.

Your most frequently missed gem will be “Ghar ka khana” which you lose once we join the college.


3.Limited edition of clean clothes.

Having neat and tidy clothes becomes one of our dreams.


4.Systematically arranged room and cupboard

We can’t get rid of the messed up rooms and cupboards. It is impossible for your rearrange your clothes daily.


5.Never ending pamper.

The people at college and hostel are less bothered and you start missing your home and family.


 6.The privacy of being in your own cover.

The silence of room gets away and you lose your aloofness. Thinking about the old times that how you and your sibling used to sleep together.


7.No more daily soaps and reality shows.

Although there is a TV but still it is like one cherry for thousands.


8.Neat and tidy washrooms.

Because of common washrooms, they are not meant to be neat and tidy.


 9.The safe food in the refrigerator.

The surely that your food will not be stolen or eaten remains uncertain and you end up sharing your foods with friends.


 10. Freedom to ride your own vehicle

It just becomes a mere thought to go all around the city on your own vehicle and hang out.


By Ankita Aggarwal

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