9 ways how to stay fit while studying for your exams
  03/10/2018 Wednesday
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9 ways how to stay fit while studying for your exams. Exams are important but health is more essential. We often ignore our bodies while studying for exams. But we forget that it is very important to have a healthy mind and body during exams. Here a



1. Eat well

It is the food that gives us energy and strength to do various works. Thus,it is important to eat nutritious food at regular interval to stay healthy.



2. Good sleep

It really makes you mind feel better after having a good night sleep. You should plan your study schedule in such a way that you can sleep at minimum eight hours.



3.Drink lots of water

Drink at least four litres of water daily, it just not keep our mind and body healthy but also helps to get away all the toxins from the body.



4.Regular exercise

You can take half an hour a day to keep yourself fit. It has been scientifically proven that doing exercise can keep you healthy.



5.Take regular breaks

We should include small breaks in our study plan after every study session. Take a break of ten minutes after studying an hour. We can use this break in spending time with our family, watching television or just to chat with friends.




6.Say no to coffee

Many students drink huge quantities of coffee, but the caffeine present in coffee increases stress.



7.Being in touch with loved ones

You should not ignore your friends during exams. Having a conversation or chatting with them can make you feel better while your exams.



8.Coping with stress

Being under too much pressure cause serious problems.



9.Muscular and joint discomfort

While studying try to use table and chair. It provides good back support. Dont try to cross legs or lying on bed. Take frequent break and walk around for few moments.



By Ankita Aggarwal

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