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There is no doubt that you must have some idea who motivates you to become a person like him or her. For some successful individual inspires the people while for some it is the books and stories that give positivity. If you are among those people who believe that amazing and meaningful books and novels do contribute to making an individual super productive then you have certainly landed up on the right page. If management is your career focus and you need certain tips and guidance on the same, then here are some great books that you need to refer to for your future.


A Never Before World



If you are aspiring to become a business consultant then you must read this book. It is one of the best books that have been published for the management students. It gives you a better insight into exploring how the real; country life is and what things can help to manage it in the right manner. If you need to understand how to sell unique products in a developing country like India, then you must read this book.


2. The Shadow Lines



Written by Amitav Ghosh this is one of the best books that have been launched in the market so far. This brilliant Indian writer has set his view about the world from his some great examples of the memories of his family. This book also teaches you how the politics in India works and how the structure of family acts as a predominant in the country. With such a book you can certainly understand the right perspective and can use the strategy, products, and communication in the right manner. This book is also available in the market. You are advised to buy the real copy of the book instead of the fake one to get all the story concepts.


3. Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid



One of the great authors who have finely defined the real meaning of management is C.K.Prahlad. He has always been an unparalleled management guru who has set his vision about how real management should work in this book. He has focused on how the poorest can help to innovate and manufacture the new products in the market. This book is a true inspiration and gives a clear view of the consumer culture in India. You can purchase it online and save more money.

Other than the above-mentioned books, you must also read Hey Whipple; squeeze this written by Luke Sullivan which has been highly recommended by many book lovers. For management students, there are so many books based on entrepreneurial journeys that are motivational. These are more like teachers who advise you on a path to do better in your life. You must take inspiration from your heart instead of getting scared of the negative feelings around you. This will eventually help you achieve success in your career path while letting you learn how wise words can have a good impact on the people around you.



By Arpita Sharma

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