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  16/01/2017 Monday
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In the corporate world almost every professional at some point of his or her career has gone through this nightmare called presentation. It is scarier than public speaking or attending board meetings. Imagine you standing with your presentation in a board room full of people in pin drop silence. You can easily be successful in this with these easy tips.

Simple interface over beautiful interface

Your interface or the design of your presentation should be more effective than beautiful. It should be such that it can be simply understood at a single glance. It makes your audience understand your presentation clearly and makes it easy for you to put out your thoughts on the table. The thing to remember is that your explanation for each slide should also be as simple as your slides. Also make sure to not include excessive visual images as too much of it will spoil the seriousness of your presentation. Give only that is necessary. A beautiful one is not required.


Beginning, middle and end is important

Just like a successful speech or a story, your presentation should also have a definite structure comprising of a definite beginning which introduces your topic, the middle which focuses on the reason of your presentation or why it is important for the audience and the end which establishes the advantage of the audience will have by your presentation. The middle should be such that it impacts the audience and they become keen to know more. The ending should conclude positively.


Make your delivery tone impactful

The hard work that you have put in designing a good presentation and also the structure of your content will be a waste of time and effort if you can’t deliver it effectively. A good presentation means that the audience will look at the slide but understand mostly by what you speak. There is absolutely no use of highlighting your credentials and achievements before your delivery as no one is interested to know that. Just your name should do the work. Always remember to keep it short and to the point. Beating around the bush is as bad as a long boring presentation.


Importance of Stage Presence

There should be some form of and attraction that the audience should have towards you which will make them be attentive to your presentation and make you successful in delivering a good one. For this you need to groom up your personality a bit and not come across as an amateur. Being friendly and approachable is one and being overly friendly is another one. If you smile or mix around too much you lack the seriousness which is very necessary for people to take you seriously. Humor is important but not too much as this is not a comedy show. Therefore balance is the key here.

Keepthese points in mind you will surely be able to give the best presentation. Remember that your presentation should be such that it persuades inspires and influences your audience. Always practice the night before the presentation and also make sure that you check whether your slides change in time.

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